Through my eyes. Not the camera’s.

I think to really be skilled at photography you need to be able to take a picture of something and have it look exactly the same as your eyes see it.

It’s really hard.

When the camera’s on auto, it’s what the camera “thinks” the image looks like, not what your eyes are actually seeing. Through white balance and exposure, Mr. McElgunn taught me how to match what my eyes saw to what would come up as a picture.It’s interesting how much difference light can make to a photo!

I went around taking pictures with the camera set on manual, and I changed the settings until I got the true colors. Here are a few!

oops! My computer is actually a bit messed up right now so the pictures will be coming soon!

I discussed my series with Mr. McElgunn, and he thought my idea for a companion series was really creative. Having eyes and hands as subjects would be a very different kind of project. I plan to take close ups of people’s eyes, blow them up to around 2/3 of a letter size page, and then frame it with black. I’m still working out what color they should be. For the hands, I’ll be taking pictures of people’s hands in motion like writing, painting, playing sports, playing instruments, or doing activities that the person has a passion for. I’ll blow those pictures up to around letter size and also frame them. Those are probably going to be black and white or sepia.

7 thoughts on “Through my eyes. Not the camera’s.

  1. I am intrigued by the approach you are taking. Moving hands. You look at them every day when you are playing piano. Might be interesting to play with time exposure. I used to take lots of photos and develop them myself. I am not sure what happened to that hobby. Look foreard to your photos.


  2. I am wondering what time exposure is!
    I’m just taking digital photography, so I won’t be able to develop any photos! I can’t wait to see how the eyes will turn out!

  3. What an exciting idea – I can’t wait to see the photos you take for this series!!

    I’ve been planning to start a series around compassion – because I think we build compassion by knowing people’s stories and realizing that we’re not all that different. We all have fears and life happens and we end up in very different places. And yet we all want the same things – to love, to be loved, to feel worthy/valued, to contribute, to be happy…

    And I love both photography AND writing – so I see this as a way to enjoy them together. I’d put this idea on the back burner lately but you’ve got me thinking about it again. I think it’s time to do something! 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing your inspiring idea!

    I was planning on perhaps writing a short poem and write to go with each series so people can understand what I am trying to get across!

    Compassion is a much needed thing in our societies now, with everyone buried in their own little bubble of life. I think a series about compassion would be fantastic!

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